martedì 24 novembre 2009

The photo exhibit, dedicated to Fred Iltis. World première

On November 17, 2009 the photo exhibit, dedicated to Fred Iltis, was inaugurated in the city of Milan. It was an absolute world première, conceived and realized by two of his friends Daniele Ravenna and Felix Humm. There was a significant amount of Italian media coverage, such as the Corriere della Sera, la Repubblica, and Radio Popolare. Many visitors came to see the exhibit on opening night, it was truly remarkable, and still more people continue to visit the Azalai Bookstore where the photos are still on exhibit.
I made this video on the day after the opening, so that at least the bloggers can have a “small” impression of where and how Fred’s photos were eventually shown to the public. I do hope this modest effort of mine will be appreciated by all those friends who are following this work which I am dedicating with passion to Daniele and Felix’s friend who passed away.
Thank you guys, this is the way to do it!